Dealing with boundary disputes

Border disputes can happen when neighbors do not have a clear understanding of where their property boundaries are. In most cases, the dispute is caused by encroachment. When your neighbor builds a new garage that crosses the property line, the structure is encroaching on your property. Encroachment can also happen

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What to do when a neighbor dispute affects your property rights

Neighbor disputes can be complex, and it may take more than a good fence to come to an appropriate resolution to your situation. In some cases, a dispute with your neighbor is much more than a simple difference of opinion, but rather involves an infringement on your property rights. Effectively

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Do you know where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins?

The old saying that “good fences make good neighbors” still applies today. Fences delineate the boundaries of your property, which you might not consider an issue until you think about selling your property. At that time, that structure that your neighbor either inadvertently or purposely put on your property could

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