American Kennel Club/Canine Law

Experienced Legal Guidance for California Canine Law Matters

At Stone • Siegel Law Firm, we have over three decades years of legal experience in the San Jose, California, area. At our law firm, we assist individuals with all of their canine law and American Kennel Club (AKC) legal concerns.

If you have questions regarding AKC disciplinary matters or other legal questions relating to your dog and the law, contact our law firm today.

Because It Is Not Just a Dog! — Help From a Santa Clara County Lawyer

At our law firm, we provide skilled legal counsel in a variety of canine law areas, including:

  • Co-ownership agreements
  • Ownership disputes
  • Litigation over dogs
  • Stud service contracts
  • Boarding contracts
  • Local breed club disciplinary matters
  • American Kennel Club disciplinary matters

Representing You Through Your Canine Law Issues

We understand that canine law issues arise in the lives of many individuals. Throughout our many years of experience, we have provided skilled representation to many individuals, including breeders, owners, exhibitors and judges, in all types of canine litigation disputes. If you have a canine law issue, you can rely on us to resolve it.

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For answers to your difficult dog law questions, contact our law office in California today. We can provide you with guidance around breeding pure-bred dogs and regarding AKC matters.

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