What to do when a neighbor dispute affects your property rights

Neighbor disputes can be complex, and it may take more than a good fence to come to an appropriate resolution to your situation. In some cases, a dispute with your neighbor is much more than a simple difference of opinion, but rather involves an infringement on your property rights. Effectively resolving these disputes in a timely manner is important for you and your entire family.

One of the most common reasons for a neighbor dispute involves property lines. You and your neighbor may have vastly different opinions regarding where the boundary line exists. You have the right to seek assistance, take steps to protect your California property interests and work for a positive solution to any type of boundary dispute.

Common ways to avoid and resolve a boundary dispute

Knowing what you should do in the event of a property dispute is the first step to reaching a reasonable solution. The following are common ways to help avoid these problems to begin with and move past them as quickly as possible:

  • Survey of the property: Some real estate contracts require a survey before closing, but having a survey done is a practical way for you to know with certainty where your property ends and your neighbor’s begins. Having a survey in hand to reference can be an efficient way to solve boundary disputes with a neighbor.
  • Agreement regarding boundary lines: In some cases, neighbors may agree upon a certain line as the dividing point between properties. This can include a fence, a stream and more. Upon agreeing to the property lines, both owners would have to sign a legal document verifying their agreement.
  • Quiet title lawsuit: It is possible that a dispute cannot come to a reasonable conclusion through independent agreement or survey. In these cases, it may be appropriate to file a quiet title lawsuit, allowing a judge to determine the boundaries of the property.

As a property owner, it is prudent for you to resolve boundary disputes and conflict over easements and prescriptive rights as soon as possible.

Your right to your property

Resolving property disputes is about much more than you being right and your neighbor being wrong. These issues can affect your enjoyment of your personal property, personal safety and your financial interests. When it comes to disagreements over issues such as trespassing, encroachment and other boundary-related disputes, you have no time to lose in fighting for the full protection of your rights.

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