Tenants: Your rights in breaking a rental lease in California

You moved into a home, and you are disgusted by its conditions. You were not looking for perfection, but you feel unclean and unsafe at the property. Although the landlord deemed all elements of the home to be in working order, you want to break your lease terms. In California,

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7 steps when taking a tenant to court

As a landlord in California, you have seen it all. Your job gets harder when tenants act in ways that prod eviction. While eviction is a scary thought for most, some people don’t take the process seriously. It’s a part of the rental business you probably dread. There hits a

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Trouble-making tenants in recent headlines

Tenant-landlord cases don’t make the news as much as other headlines, but have been making waves recently. The first was the case of Michael Rotondo in upstate New York. The case of Michael Rotondo This past May, at age 30, Michael was formally evicted from his parent’s home. Michael’s parents

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Who is responsible for water damage: tenants or landlords?

When you rent an apartment or property, it might feel like your landlord has all the power. Any time a scuff appears on the floor or a mark on the wall, you see your security deposit slowly slipping away, but you have renters’ rights covered by California laws If you

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Keep your rental: your rights as a tenant

Being served an eviction notice is a terrifying experience. In an instant you realize that you are losing your home, you could miss work due to suddenly being forced to move, you may not be able to afford moving costs and you simply might not have anywhere to go. California

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Santa Cruz rent control campaign announced

The Santa Cruz Tenant Organizing Committee is organizing a rent control campaign for 2018. The campaign grew out of a cooperative initiative between University of California, Santa Cruz students and staff and community partners. The campaign is based on findings outlined in the No Place Like Home project. The project

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