How can I prevent contract disputes?

When entering into a contract in Santa Cruz, there is always a risk of issues occurring. While you can’t always prevent disputes, there are steps you can take to lower that chance that a signee finds fault with some portion of the contract, or even potentially side-step issues related to fraud. explains how you can mitigate potential problems related to contract disputes before they occur.

Focus on cost

When it comes to costs, you want budgets hammered out before the contract is signed. There is a chance that costs may be higher than you initially agreed upon if you don’t do your research and this can lead to quite a few disputes should costs come out higher than expected. You also want to make sure that costs have been diligently negotiated before moving forward, as this will provide the other signer with a greater sense of control.

Visit a notary

When it comes to the actual signing of the contract, visiting a notary is key. When documents are notarized the identity of the other signer will need to be verified. That’s precisely what a notary does by requiring all parties provide proper identification. When a contract is notarized there is also a greater chance that the other party will read it in full. This will prevent disputes related to misunderstandings of the contract down the line.

Think about the future

While you want to make sure that your contract covers all the concerns related to here and now, it’s also helpful to look to the future. For instance, how will the contract be renewed? Will it do so automatically, or must you and the other signer come to a new agreement? What actions will cause the contract to be voided?  Are there clauses that you want to last beyond the term of the contract (such as those related to protection of intellectual property)? All of these things should be considered before the contract is signed.

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