Disputes over repairs and other tenant issues

Landlords face many various challenges involving tenants, whether they involve the non-payment of rent or breaking a lease. However, many other different matters can lead to a dispute between a landlord and their tenant, and these disagreements can become very difficult to deal with. For example, a landlord may be accused of failing to make necessary repairs, even when the areas of concern were addressed. Or, a tenant may accuse a landlord of being a “slumlord” for failing to repair something around the rental when they were never even informed in the first place.

Our law firm fully recognizes how frustrating it can be when these disputes arise as a landlord. You may feel as if you have nowhere to turn, or that your side of the story will be dismissed. Moreover, you may be overwhelmed by other hurdles you are trying to work through, such as problems with other rental properties, another job or personal challenges that have arisen (a health crisis, problems with family members, etc.).

It is vital to not only know what your landlord rights are but ensure that disputes with tenants are handled properly. You should not allow yourself to be taken advantage of or let an unruly tenant get away with certain unacceptable behaviors because they threaten legal action. Sometimes, tenants intentionally create these disagreements because they are bitter toward their landlord for one reason or another, or as an attempt to get out of paying rent they owe. Our landlord and tenant disputes section has more information on these matters.

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