What is a detainer action?

Nearly everyone in Santa Clara has probably heard stories about roommates or tenants who just will not leave. There is no shortage of humorous suggestions aimed at solving such a problem: changing the locks, buying a vicious guard dog or just moving away yourself. Yet there is little that is

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The eviction process: notices, claims, and length of time

Evicting a tenant is a tricky proposition, mainly because the rules and processes are in favor of a tenant that is being evicted without cause. Even when a tenant is being evicted with cause, the landlord or property manager taking the action needs to make sure they have all of

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More tenants struggling to pay rent in recent years

As a landlord, you know your job is tough. You rent and manage property as a business and have to make the difficult decisions that come with it. Part of the not so pleasant duties of your job can include raising rental rates on loyal tenants – or worse, having

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Disputes between tenants and landlords can be complex

When a living arrangement is agreed between a landlord and a tenant, there are simply bound to be certain matters that arise over the following months and possibly years that require the attention of both parties. Issues with pipes, broken cabinets, hot water issues — the list goes on and

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To get tenants out, you may have to get them into court

Most of your tenants may vacate your property without any fuss when their leases end. However, occasionally, you may have a tenant that refuses to vacate for any number of reasons. The problem is that you can’t just change the locks or go in and force the tenant out. You

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