Disputes between tenants and landlords can be complex

When a living arrangement is agreed between a landlord and a tenant, there are simply bound to be certain matters that arise over the following months and possibly years that require the attention of both parties. Issues with pipes, broken cabinets, hot water issues — the list goes on and on. These things are important, and they have to be handled properly.

Both sides of the equation have rights and needs. The tenant is looking for a safe and comfortable place to live, and they rarely want anything more than that. Sometimes, they may cross a line, and an eviction is necessary.

Then there is the landlord, who has a responsibility to keep his or her tenants happy and safe on his or her premises. Failing in this regard is not an option, as he or she could be held accountable for negligence.

When disputes arise between these two parties, legal sparks can fly. And in the Bay Area, there are some unique problems that don’t necessarily apply in other areas. Airbnb rentals are incredibly popular here, and they can pose unique legal issues.

Given everything that is at stake in a landlord-tenant relationship, it is best to have legal counsel on your side to advise you. Whether you are a tenant or a landlord, you should know that the Law Office of Leo B. Siegel is here to help you. We have more than three decades of experience, and our goal is to help you through the delicate matters of a landlord-tenant dispute.

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