The disgusting problem of bedbugs

At the Stone-Siegel Law Firm in California, we know the problems you can encounter with your landlord when you rent a home or apartment. One of these is the disgusting problem of bedbugs.

Unfortunately, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that bedbug infestations are on the rise in America. Since these tiny pests range in size from practically microscopic to only about 0.25 inches long, you may not even see them. You likely, however, will see the results of their presence: little bite marks on various parts of your body, especially your face, neck, arms and hands, that often itch excessively. Yes, like mosquitoes, ticks and other blood-sucking insects, bedbugs, too, live off your blood. They also are hiding experts that live in places near or around your bed, including the following:

  • The seams of your mattress and box springs
  • The folds and seams of your bedding
  • The cracks and crevices of your headboard or nightstand
  • Behind your wallpaper
  • In any clutter underneath or around your bed

Habitable living space

Under California law, your landlord must provide you with a living space fit for human habitation. A bedbug infestation quickly makes your home or apartment uninhabitable. While bedbugs do not carry diseases, you or your children could suffer acute allergic reactions to a bedbug bite. In addition, your or their constant scratching could result in open wounds that could become infected.

Be aware that your normal cleaning and vacuuming do not get rid of bedbugs. The only way to eradicate them is for your landlord to call in a professional exterminator. Since you live in your landlord’s property, (s)he is the one whose responsibility it is to hire and pay for bedbug extermination services. If (s)he refuses to do so or does so insufficiently to finally rid you of your bedbug problem, you can legally break your lease and/or take other action against him or her.

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