How can I choose the right home inspector?

Inspections are an essential part of the real estate process, whether you’re selling or buying a home.  Unfortunately, home inspection fraud is a very real thing. That’s why it’s important for people in Santa Cruz to make sure they understand exactly what their home inspectors are communicating about necessary repairs and other issues. To ensure your inspector has your best interests in mind, Business Insider offers the following advice.

Clarification on How to Work Home Systems

There are quite a few components to a well-running home. However, many homeowners fail to understand how to work these systems, which can be a detriment when you’re interested in buying a home. A good inspector will run through each component, such as how to operate the water heater, where the emergency shut offs are located, or how to replace fuses. Failure to do so can leave a potential buyer in the dark and may indicate an underlying issue you’re not aware of.

Which Items Truly Need to Be Fixed

Home inspectors should also be candid on what actually needs to be repaired and what can wait. For instance, even older appliances or units may still be operational, which means immediate repair isn’t necessary. The ability to determine which items require attention will be based on past experience, which indicates that an inspector is offering the useful information.

Judgements on the Overall Quality of the Home

Lastly, a home inspector should be upfront about the overall quality of the home. If there are significant issues, the inspector shoudl explain the seriousness of the issue using plain language. Additionally, an inspector shouldn’t inflate less severe problems into something that negatively impacts the quality of a home. Also, be wary of inspectors who offer help with repair bids, as this is illegal in many states.


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