What are reasonable circumstances for eviction?

There are endless perks to renting a home in California: one-time pet fees, no looming mortgage payments and landlord responsibility over maintenance and repairs. Depending on location, there are ideal places to rent for all types of lifestyles. But one drawback to this living option is in regards to relationships between tenants and landlords; tensions can rise when there is a disagreement over the living situation. Regardless of the side of dispute, what, exactly, makes a situation grounds for tenants eviction?

SF Gates shares the basics when it comes to tenant and landlord disputes and California law. Known as an “unlawful detainer” lawsuit in the state, an eviction is a lengthy and complicated process — one that most would prefer to avoid — largely because of the time tenants typically demand to remain in the home, and for the fact that courts often push eviction cases back in hearing scheduling. SF Gate shares that the state considers the following as grounds for eviction:

  • Failure to pay rent
  • Being a nuisance to the neighborhood
  • Having pets when they are prohibited 
  • Manufacture of drugs on the property

When a tenant makes any of the above violations, a landlord must give the tenant appropriate notice. Most of these notices fall within a three-day, 30-day and 90-day time frame. If the situation escalates, California Superior Courts could take on the case to determine a solution.

Landlord and tenant disputes are no light matter for anyone involved, as they can take a good amount of time and consideration. California Courts outline adds to the above list of eviction reasons by noting that, if a tenant prematurely breaks a lease and does not address the issue, landlords may choose to evict. Tenants may also face eviction if they damage the rental property, thus bringing down the value. While an agitating conflict with a tenant or landlord can seem to go on forever, California Courts also provides a list of basic responsibilities to help prevent unpleasantries among all of those involved. 




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