Detailing quiet title actions

Disputes over ownership of property in Santa Cruz can be extremely complex, which can lead to prolonged analysis and arguments regarding whose claims are strongest. Even those who secure favorable rulings in such cases fear that once one dispute is resolved, another can quickly pop up. The common wish of those that we here at The Law Office of Leo B. Siegel have assisted in such matters is to bring closure to the question of ownership. A quiet title action offers such closure. 

Imagine this scenario: your parent leaves you his or her home in his or her will. However, his or her caretaker had put the home under contract to sell at the time of his or her death. Now both you and the prospective buyer have a claim to the property. Initiating a quiet title action allows the matter of ownership to be settled by the court. Once proceedings in your case have been initiated, both you and the prospective buyer may present evidence to support your claims, from which the court will make its determination. 

Yet say that you are awarded the property, and then later had to deal with a claim from a sibling that your parent promised the house to him or her. The reason this action is referred to as “quiet title” is that it quiets any question as to ownership. Indeed, according to Section 764.030 of the California Code of Civil Procedure, a quiet title ruling applies every party to the action, both known and unknown (which must be designated), as well as those not party to it with a supposed claim to title not on record at the time of the ruling. 

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