Back rent and other causes of eviction

Whether you are renting a unit or have tenants who you wish to remove, eviction can be an incredibly overwhelming experience. Our Santa Cruz law firm recognizes how upsetting eviction can be, especially for someone who may be unsure where they will move to next. If you are being evicted because of allegations that you have failed to pay rent, or any other matter, it is important to understand your rights and you may want to take steps to protect your rights. Unfortunately, some people have been evicted from their place of residence for an invalid reason.

As a tenant, you may be having a hard time paying rent for different reasons. For example, your position may have recently been terminated and you could be facing financial hardships. Or, perhaps you are overburdened by a medical crisis you never saw coming. Either way, you should do whatever you can to secure the most favorable outcome. In some cases, people have been able to speak with their landlords and set up an arrangement, while others have had to defend their rights in court. Moreover, there are a whole host of reasons why a landlord may decide to move forward with an eviction. For example, a landlord may accuse a tenant of unlawful drug activity or violating certain aspects of the rental agreement.

Eviction may seem daunting, but you should firmly stand up for your rights. Our landlord tenant law section offers more on various legal issues which are related to tenant eviction.

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