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Highlighted Cases With Successful Outcomes For Our Clients

Frantz v. Blackwell Homes (1987) 189 California App. 3d 3 92
Successfully defended real estate developers accused of sales discrimination by a broker-speculator, including winning the appeal filed by the speculator.

Chandler v. Alliance Title (2005) California Court of Appeals, case #105cu054592
We won a judgment against title company that improperly released client’s deed of trust and then pursued collection of the judgment.

Robuck v. Grenier (2013) California Court of Appeals, case #A133710

Successfully reversed a judgment for elder abuse against clients and recovered an award of clients’ costs in the process.

Klein v. Washington Mutual Bank (2011) Lake County Sup. Court Case #408127

We were able to reverse a wrongful foreclosure of a client’s real property and recover his title.

James v. LandAmerica (2010) Alameda County Sup. Court Case #RG09440430

Stopped a foreclosure of client’s house and recovered judgment against the foreclosure trustee.

Madhvani v. Romo (2011) U.S. Bankruptcy Court Case #11-5654

We were able to stop a foreclosure on client’s shopping center and negotiate a resolution that resulted in the lender’s purchase of the property at a handsome profit to the client.

Advance Developers v. San Jose National Bank (2000) Santa Clara Sup. Court, Case #CU763952

Represented land developer in disputed mechanic’s lien case, and negotiated resolution with the bank that held the construction loan, which resulted in both defending against the lien claim.

Alampaykar v. Saratoga Bancorp (2009) Santa Clara County Sup. Court #109CU138343

Represented investor who purchased a mortgage loan from hard-money lender, and we were able to recover for the client for fraud damages.

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